Culture Capability Continuity

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Latest News
SoftBank Vision Fund hire James Kearns from Brevan Howard as Head of Employment Tax based in London, using The Clark Partnership.
Criteo hire Erica Kornstein from LinkedIn as Head of HR for Global Sales & Ops based in New York, using The Clark Partnership.
Criteo hire Armelle Quenard from Dassault Systemes as Head of HR for Corporate Functions based in Paris, using The Clark Partnership.
SoftBank Vision Fund hire Alan van Komen from Goldman Sachs as their new VP Deferred Compensation based in London, England, using The Clark Partnership.
Criteo retain The Clark Partnership on EVP & GM search for Criteo Retail Media in New York reporting to Mollie Spilman COO.
SoftBank Vision Fund retain the Clark Partnership on further leadership searches as they expand fund functions in London & San Carlos.

Feel it, or forget it

It defies analysis. It defines who you are. It is the heart and the spirit of your organisation.

So this is where we begin.

Culture is felt; it’s a living thing. It’s about nuances, personality and individual quirks: the stuff that really matters when you’re scouring the world for perfect-fit leaders. Once we’ve got this innate ‘feel’ for your culture, we’re looking at the world through your eyes so we can get down to meeting your objectives.

There’s no pseudo science. Just our unique mix of intelligence, experience and creativity. The results speak loud and proud. We find you the extraordinary senior people that others miss – the leaders who will energise your performance.

The high definition search

Insight. Intuition. Focus. Experience: the elements that add colour, depth and an extra dimension to every search. Sharp end analytic technology powers the process; accuracy is a given and relevance is complete.

The moment we’ve got real perspective and good data on promising individuals, you’ll have it too. We’re talking about transparency, speed and stubborn determination – together they perfect the search.

We’ve got global reach, but we also remap the whole idea of the search. We look beyond the well-trodden terrain and apply lateral thinking at every step.

The point is, the people who will transform your leadership team are out there, but finding them means seeing things differently, with a new kind of clarity.

We start where others finish

Full stops are not our speciality. Having put all our know-how, innovative thinking, clever tech and plain graft into searching for your pitch perfect new talent, we don’t just stop and go on our way.

We want to forge and build a proper relationship and see those meticulously sourced leaders prove themselves and our judgement over and over.

We want to witness the positive impact spread through your team and shape what happens next.

Because that’s the whole point: what happens next.